VIDEO: the Lleather
WQAX Streetdance, Bloomington, IN. Summer 1990. Shot by Eric White. 7.8Mb, Quicktime. Also 15.7Mb.

Final show at the Bluebird, May 1990

Songs recorded direct to 4-track in Mike's basement by Dan Willems

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Lord Dent Invadore blathers on at length

Wolfgang von Geekus - guitar
The Ripper - smackin
The Genius - thumpin
Bird Bath - hollers

Thanks to:
Dan Willems for recording us
Eric White for videotaping us
Michael Hurtt for gear
J. Matthew Uhlman for all around vision
Dave Cruse for unrelentingness
Mike Whybark for... um... something


The Royal Pendletons
Mike H. and J. Matthew now play in New Orleans, Louisiana's Royal Pendletons. No website at the moment, but buy their tunes!

Some pix of a show hosted at Goner
Sore Loser: the Pendletons recorded the title track to this JMM explotation flick!

The Oblivians and Goner Records
On their way to New Orleans, Mike H. and J. Matthew hooked up with Goner's Eric Oblivian. Eric released the Pendletons first single on vinyl; The Oblivians eventually recorded a great cover of "the Lleather" on their full-length title, "Popular Fav orites". In assembling the site, I found a streaming real-media based VIDEO of the song!

the Lleather: video by JMM at
Goner Records

the Mystic Knights of the Mau-Mau
If you share our interst in regional American rock history and are in the New Orleans area you MUST ATTEND these gigs. Frequently the artists are older - part of the point is to catch these people before Old Man Time pays the final visit. If you're in the Crescent City, you owe it to yourself to make these gigs!

The Belgian Waffles
Dan Willems still gets noisy in Louisville with this long-lived free-rock band.

Tussin-Up Web Archive
If you're enough of a geezer to remember Modock, you might be interested in this too. Every ish of Tussin, all online, courtesy of Mike (with an assist from Kate).



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